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Tuesday, January 10, 2006
Winter weekend ...

Last weekend I couldn't let anybody out for drinking. It's so hard to find somebody free in Friday evening and over 26 years. There are so many reasons to stay at home.
- My girlfriend is out and I have to guard a house ( Number 1. Most stupid )
- It's to cold (ok it was -5C)
- I am dead after work
- Nice movie in TV ( yes, sad but true )
- I am staying with girlfriend ( even if said "its ok to take her" )
I have to make +2weeks appointments?
I finally landed in sushi bar with my girlfriend and other girl (she is designing our new apartment) where our best chef was entertaining us very long.
Well, I'm trying to get people out city and do some snowboarding /skiing this winter. It's going to be very difficult.
Monday, January 02, 2006
Take me home...

We (that's me, my girlfriend and 2 other couples) rented a house in deep wood for celebrating new year together...
It was traumatic. I saw one couple first time after about 4 years. They are parents of two nice kids. The couple is still exploiting same music and movies like in high school. Damn. How long you can be in love to Dead Can Dance or Baraka. They will last forever in their pathetic world.
Other couple came with dog. Is that kid replacement? Just kidding.
I tried to make them stoned and drunk and make some fun. It wasn't huge success. I needed to make them drunk to relax them enough to get stoned. I had to take care and protect myself from monologue about parenthood and life.
My girlfriend was so cute and she stopped me to fall into "middle age crisis" ;)
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