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Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Come to me and shut up.

I don't need any psychoanalytic sessions or family setups (its kind of game where different people attending the meeting are helping you to play again your "favorite" life scenes to help you understand things you can't see being inside yourself). I have simple rule in my mind ... to avoid toxic relationship. And this lets me travel trough the ocean of life ( banal - isn't it ? ) without storms.
Of course I can't completely kick out all bad connections out of my life. My girlfriend has really frustrated mind, my sister keeps some trauma from the childhood and my mother has some hysterical twist which I will never understand.
The problem is that all of them are suggesting me that in the world where psychoanalysts are the gods I have some psycho weirdness and the only reason its not visible is that I am refusing to understand my problems and I am refusing to go to psychoanalysts. Especially my girlfriend ... she is giving herself as an example of positive results of therapy and delicate pushing me into the hands of these greedy beasts.
Fuck. No. I prefer good fucking ... its relief compared to your blah blah about your mind traffic jam. Take off you panties, come to me and shut up.
Tuesday, December 27, 2005
butt and light

I wiped your arse by eyes
to the shoulders
I am filling your vodka
and you leaving the tip
asking for lighter
I am giving
and once more,
you don't have bra
you have time.

Sometimes I would like to be bartender only for some time. This is inspired by true story of a friend. This is only to give you the filling what happened, or what can happened. The secret dreams of happy husband? Hehe ...
Ooops... its working
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